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Ridge vents - after installation

I had a prior post here about ridge vents where new ones had to be installed because the old ones were pulling out because of wrong size nails.

I had rigid ridge vents installed a month ago or so, and went on the roof this week for the leaves in the gutters and had a chance to look at close up.

Are these things I should be concerned about and contact the roofer to fix?

The first two pics show that the caps are not fully down. Maybe because it wasn't hot enough since install? Is this something that should be dealt with now before winter - perhaps having him use a dab of roofing cement?

I had 2 lines of ridge vents replaced - the garage and the main part of the house. The main part has ridge vents from end to end, and the garage from the end to a few feet from where the garage meets the main part of the house. Here is where the ridge vents stop on the garage before meeting the house...should the cap be up in the air like this?

Here's what it looks like where the ridge comes to the end of house. Didn't have a pic of what it looks like, but the end is hanging in the air like in the garage ridge vent end.

Here is a pic of where 2 rigid ridge vents come together...is this ok?

Probably should've gone on roof at the time, but my wife was against it. I snuck up to do the gutters and saw this now.

Thanks in advance for all input! You guys do a great job!


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Just a sloppy job.
Sure does not look like he did not bother to snap a line so it would be on straight.
Never should have had that much overhang now it's going to droop when it gets hot out.
No excuse for not lining up the butt joints.
The caps will lay flat once it gets warmer or you can add a dab of tar if it makes you feel better.
None of the flaws are likely to cause a leak they just look bad.


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He didn't even try to match the colour either. Looks like black caps on a grey roof. Hope he blocked off the old roof vent somehow.
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When we install Shinglevent II or GAF Snow Country (which I think that's what it is) we normally run the cap a little but over on the end but not that much. While it should be okay, he could perhaps trim some off the end.

The color doesn't match nor is it cap that's actually designed for ridge. It looks like three tabs and not seal a ridge or timbertex or something along those lines.

In the end, this installation is fairly common and I see it on majority of roofs. Don't let it worry you.
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I don't understand why if he had some of the matching ridge cap shingles he didn't install it here. It should be fine. However he could have did a better job for aesthetics. Once it heats up those few shingles should seal down. Like joe said you could always hit them with dab of roofers black .(I can't think of the exact name)
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