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EC1970 01-08-2011 03:17 AM

Ridge vent over vaulted ceilings?
Hello everyone! I'm builiding my first home and have tons of questions. The delima currently is ridgevents. My trusses span 40'. The middle of my home has a scissor trusses with 20' being vaulted. The house is 63' long. The vaulted part is 27'x20'. The garage attaches to the home, so it has an offset T shaped ridge. It also has a front and back porch, both 12'x12' under the same roof. Is a ridgevent suitable for this roof? If so, Do I install a ridgevent over the vaulted area? The roof is going to take S style concrete tiles. Is there a special ridgevent for that? Thank You.

Slyfox 01-08-2011 07:35 AM

In comparison to asphalt/fiberglas shingles most everything you use for the tile installation is special, because it has a much higher profile.

Ridge vents are arguably the best exhaust ventilation to use,
everyone agrees it's the best exhaust system for over vaulted/cathedral ceiling area's.

If your using traditional insulation 'not foam' make sure you install baffles/air chutes not only at the eaves in those areas but all the way to the top of the ceiling where it opens up into the dead space/crawl space near the ridge.

Edited: Ask the folks at the supply house/store where your purchasing the tile for spec's on installation, this should include underlayments, flashing's, tile install, ventilation, etc.

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