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hammertoe27 08-27-2009 04:39 PM

Ridge vent--nails and shingles
Hi, I'm new here with my first post and know little about roofs. We just had our roof replaced, and I have two main questions.

#1) I could peer into the ridge vent not far behind the slats and see the nails holding it down. Is this okay? Do I need to be concerned about rusting or leaking through those nails?

#2) I noticed that the top most tar strips/shingles on the peak of the vent didn't totally adhere. You can lift up half of it and see the nail heads underneath. Does it take time to adhere (it's been two days), or is it a problem in and of itself?


Ed the Roofer 08-27-2009 04:58 PM

Both observations you made were normal.

The shingles will seal down, but keep your paws off of them to let them keep their contact sealant in effect.

Unless you show a photo that is something else than what I am envisioning, the nails "May" be able to be viewed from the outside of the ridge vent if it is a higher profile ridgid Ridge Vent.


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