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35thLE 01-07-2009 10:54 AM

Ridge Vent Leaking
I recently purchased a house with a rafter ceiling (no Attic). It's in Colorado and experiences quite a bit of wind. I have done a bunch of ceiling drywall repair due to leaking. I had a roofing contractor come and replace the ridge venting. He said he had the stuff that would stop the leaking. The roof is like an 11/12 pitch or so.

I was a little late getting to the house and he had started removing the old ridge vent already, it was Shinglevent II (House is 6 years old). In the boxes of new Ridge vent was Shinglevent II !!! Well, now I'm stuck with snow coming in the next couple of days. The previous ShingleVent appeared to have been installed correctly but the water leakage was visable. I have heard good results with Shinglevent so I am suprised it is not working well at all.

They finished installing the new Shinglevent and ridge shingles (not much choice really):(. My hope is that the new barrier will hold out the moisture for a bit while I figure out how to improve/fix the situation.

Any idea's on how to improve the performance of the current Shinglevent or should I look at a product like Cor-a-vent X-5 with the wind foil? I'm sure the leaking is due to Wind driven/blowing snow/rain in a windy area...

roofboy 01-07-2009 04:01 PM

You should look into the idea that it might be a condensation issue. Do you have soffet vents as well as the ridge vent?
Do a search on this site for vent issues. There have been many posts and threads concerning these issues.


Ed the Roofer 01-07-2009 06:36 PM

If the surface that the product id mounted too, is an architectural shingle, with additional laminated pieces, then, if the top shingle row did not work out to winf up with the smooth continuous portion, there could be voids under the exterior baffle.

In those events, the product must be caulked in place to ensure no wind driven weather finds it's way in through the voids.


35thLE 01-07-2009 06:49 PM

Thanks Keith!

There are multiple soffet vents and seem to be functioning well (from my original calculations they seem to match, Ridge vs. Soffet). One thing I forgot to mention is the fact that the barrier that was removed from the previous Shinglevent II looked like it had been beat pretty good and not much resemblance to the new (wind and weather again I think).

35thLE 01-07-2009 06:51 PM

Thanks Ed!

Ed, I gotta run and don't have time to respond with good info....... I will respond ASAP ( dad in ER ) arrrggg!

35thLE 01-08-2009 11:33 AM

Thanks Ed!

Long night in the ER :yawn:, but things are ok.....

There are a few gaps because of the shingle. I spoke to the roofers and they are going to caulk/silicone them so no air can go under not blocking the drain holes of course (they were going to anyways just waiting for it to be warm enough for the product). I would suppose with the vortex/negative pressure created by the baffle, if air can go under the baffle it would almost create a mini race track for any wind carrying snow with it and up to the ridge it would go.

Good suggestion and sounds like the best hope for success...

On a different note does anyone have experience with the Coravent X-5 stuff, (curious about it's performance and durability of the foil)?

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