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Phila 11-28-2011 08:26 PM

Reroofing a Dutch Barn Roof
I want to reroof a 10x12 shed that has a Dutch barn style roof. Originally the 3-tab shingles were started at the bottom of the lower steep-pitched roof section and continued up-and-over the angle to the upper not so steep roof section and on to the roof peak.

The lower roof is 40” high to the angle. So, in the eighth course of shingles the 5” tabs are on the lower roof and the rest of the shingle is bent over the angle to the upper roof. This seemed to work okay, but this angle looks like it would be a stress point for the shingles or felt to break or crack.

I was thinking about adding a brown drip edge between the lower and upper roof. I would begin roofing as normal by starting at the bottom of the lower section and running shingles up to the first angle and stopping there. Then treat the upper section like a second roof and install a drip edge and starter strip along the angle (like an eave) and then run the shingles up to the peak.

Because of the steep pitch on the lower section, the lower leg of this upper drip edge would extend down about 1 1/2“over the top edge of the last course of shingles on the lower section (like flashing). The underside of the lip on the drip edge would be touching the shingles and I do not know if water could weep back up the shingles.

What do you think?

Would a second drip edge be better then one continuous run of shingles up the roof?

If I do run the shingles continuously to the peak, should I do anything extra at the first angle, like adding an extra 12” strip of felt (6”on each side)?

Thanks for any help.


titanoman 11-28-2011 08:39 PM

Once they glue themselves together, they'll be fine IF NOBODY WALKS ON THEM. That will break them. Make sure the roof sheeting has no sharp edges where they make the transitions from one pitch to the next. the back of the bundle to see if this might void warranty. Plan B: roll roofing.:eek:

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