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hard at work 09-28-2008 07:17 PM

replacing smartvent
question: I own a 1940's country home, originally it had cedar shake roofing. I had to re-roof 3 yrs ago, and the roofer agreed to apply the smartvent since i have no soffits. The roofer applied the smartvent incorrectly, with the plywood above the smartvent, and also the shingles fall below the vent edge, overlapping the gutters. Unfortunately, the tar paper covers the venting edge, and even though i have ample ridge venting, i still feel like i have no intake ventilation, compounded by having a succession of old rafter slats covering any openings from the smartvent into the attic.
i am currently of the mind to have the roofer replace the bottom foot of shingles, and hardware, and replace the smartvent correctly, this may involve cutting the 2nd rafter slat out, which isn't needed structurally. how do you think this will work?
thanks, Hard at Work

Ed the Roofer 09-29-2008 09:46 AM

Could you please post some photos of what you are describing for clarity, plus from the underside of the decking from inside the attic too.

It's a darned shame, because the specific installation instructions are included in every case of Smart Vent, plus they have a very well illustrated website with instructions for various applications.

I recently lost a job, because the illegal immigrant crew I was put out to bid against said they could install the Smart Vent for cheaper than my costs. I drove by that nice job that I lost and saw that they did not cut the slot opening out of the attic sheathing either.


power01 02-17-2013 04:02 PM

I have a house built in about 1942 which has a problem with ventilation. The roof has only one rooftop vent about 10" x 10" and no intake vents at the lower part of the roof. I also have no eave at all. The ice dams have always been a problem. I will be getting the roof re-shingled as soon as weather permits. I am somewhat convinced to use smart vent at the lower end of the roof and ridge vent ll at the top of the roof. Is this a wise choice? I have also considered the in-vent and the edge vent but, I seem to be drawn back to the smart vent. In-vent shows installation about 36" up the roof which makes me wonder.

joecaption 02-17-2013 04:12 PM

power01 Please go back and add your own post, to confusing to keep track when no one knows who's talking to who.

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