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JJB 07-29-2008 04:38 PM

Replacing roof but keeping old gutters
A roofer is doing a tear off/replace of my roof. I am keeping the gutters. The existing gutter apron, AKA the Drip Edge Flashing, is over the first layer of shingles. He plans to leave the gutters in place and work around them for the tear off and when laying ice & water shield and the asphalt shingles. I have had ice dams in the winter.
Will there be problems caused by not taking the gutters down and reinstalling them?

Slyfox 07-29-2008 05:18 PM

Theres not a Yes or No answer to that question with out a visual.

I have done re-roofs without removing the existing gutters with no problems,
but I have also had home owners want me to but due to poor workmanship of original roofers we had no choice but to remove the gutters and install new flashing and drip edge.

Ed the Roofer 07-29-2008 05:29 PM

If the Gutter Apron Drip Edge flashings are anchored into the fascia boards with the fasteners from the gutters, then replacement of the gutter apron flashings will be a much more time consuming project, but as far as the installation of the Ice and Water shield, that should not present a problem, so long as the layer of shingles under the Gutter Apron is carefully removed first.

It is a better detail to run the Ice and Water Shield down the fasia board, behind the actual gutter itself and then have the Gutter Apron on top, but sometimes a roofing contractor and his crew must deal with the best available option, keeping the budget of the project in mind.

As long as he follows through with the installation per his verbal, (But get it in writing), recomendation, it should be a satisfactory specification.


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