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mckain87 05-06-2013 07:15 PM

Replacing individual shingles
I have a question on regards to replacing single shingles on my roof. We had a bad wind storm and it came through and took about 20 individual squares off my roof. I was going to claim it on insurance but they said the cost to repair is below my deductible. I do not want to pay someone to do if I can do it myself. I am wondering if this is something I can just "patch up" or how that works!



jagans 05-06-2013 08:02 PM

Do you mean individual tabs, Zach? If you have three tab shingles on your roof, each full shingle has three tabs. If you have lost 20 tabs in random locations, I suspect that your shingles were either installed in cold weather and fractured along the tab/key line during installation, they did not have adequate adhesive deposited on the shingles during production, or they were fabricated with low grade asphalt to begin with. If the tabs that blew off are extremely brittle, I suspect you will continue to have problems with this roof in future high wind events.

How old is your roof? Proper repair involves removal of several shingles in an area to remove the nails from the head lap. Its pretty easy to damage additional shingles while doing so if the shingles are old.

jeffnc 05-06-2013 08:03 PM

First, be careful with using the term "squares" because in the roofing business, a "square" is 100 square feet of shingles.

There is a high risk of serious injury if you have much slope to your roof and you are not used to working on a roof and don't use appropriate safety equipment.

The actual "patching" is rather simple, although tedious, because you have to take out quite a few more nails and shingles than just the ones you're replacing, because of how shingles fit under shingles above them. You can search the web for pictures and descriptions of how this works. But with a few simple tools, some roofing caulk, and the caveat above, you should be able to do it.

mckain87 05-06-2013 09:23 PM

Yes I do mean tabs! Thank you for correcting me, I am a brand new home owner and still trying to learn these things. I helped roof when I was 14 but I only helped tear down while another crew went through and roofed so I do not remember a thing. I am going to look into patching! I am sure I will continue to have issues with this roof but for now, financially I need to just patch it and hopefully it will hold up for a few more years!

now I just need to find a way to get on my roof without sliding everywhere. Last time I was up there, I was so scared because I was just sliding everywhere, I can imagine doing work and being up there.

Thanks guys!


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