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Paul D350 11-04-2009 11:16 AM

Recoating a flat roof - advice?
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We're getting ready to have a new roof put on my father's house (I can't do this two-story house's re-roof job by myself), but don't have enough $$$ in the budget to pay the roofing company to recoat the flat roof over the carport.

We don't need to do a job that will last for 30 years, since we will, in all likelihood, be selling this home in a year or two, as my father is elderly and will not be able to live there too much longer.

This part of the re-roof job I can handle, but need some advice.

1) The existing coating on the roofing felt has bubbled-up / blistered in quite a few places, primarily around the perimeter strip. (See attached photos) What would be the recommended way to deal with these: can I just cut off the blistered area before recoating? The roofing felt underneath does not appear to be affected.

2) There are a couple of places also along the perimeter strip where the overlapped seams of the 8" wide perimeter strip has risen up (again see photos) Can I cut these (and heat them w/a heat gun) to get them to lay flat before the recoat?

3) Lastly, is there a decent flat roof coating that I could buy locally at Home Depot or Lowe's, and just brush or mop on top of the existing coating (after a good pressure-washing, of course.) The brand name(s) of any decent roof coatings you could recommend would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! - Paul

devilleather 11-08-2009 06:15 PM

I recently purchased a 15' x 20' piece of epdm rubber roofing for 200$ and the glue i used cost 90$ for 5 gallons. You might want to look into that since it seems fairly cheap and it was easy to do (with the help of my wife!) :) Sry i dont know about the coating you are speaking of.

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