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Recent Roofing Job

I've been lurking around this site for sometime and found the answers given to be very informative and at some times entertaining. That said:

I recently had my roof redone last week by a contractor who was recommended to me by a friend. I went up on a ladder this weekend and found some things that seemed odd to me. I took a few pictures and thought there might be someone here who can give some feedback to what I am seeing:

The ridge cap has a piece on it like shown at four different locations. This seemed irregular. (shown)

Two pipe vent flashing pieces had exposed nails (shown).

Another example of the ridge cap "piece" and a crooked roof vent. That pipe flashing also has an exposed nail.

Random piece of flashing stuck under the shingles where no flashing is required. Any idea why?

Finally, is it common to have roofing material overhang that much?

Thanks ahead of time for your input.
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I will take a stab at this for you. The ridge pices overlap each other about 5" to 7" depending on the type. The last piece has to have an "extra" piece installed to cover the normally un exposed area of the shinlges. Looks like it was nailed and then the nails caulked. Cant tell for sure.
As for nails in the vents, I have seen this for 35 + years and not once have I seen it as a source of leakage. Never hurts to caulk it though.
I will take a guess at the crooked vent. Possible that it was set crooked to allow water to drain from back side and not sit, but to me, its kinda small to concern over that unless you are in major snow country. More likely is he just got it crooked.
Does look look like alot of overhang there, but hard to see exactly. I was always taught to lay em to the first knuckle joint on the index finger (about 3/4" to 1"). A concern I would have is a lack of edge metal?? Cant tell from the pics.
Bottom line is I cant tell you if you got a good or bad job. Only a physical inspection would do that. In my business, I would welcome people aasking me questions about their roofs. A quality contractor always has an edge when dealing with a knowledgeable buyer. So, call him up and pose the same questions to him. I would! If you can live with the crooked vent and your roof doesnt leak, then you may be OK.
Good Luck


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Appears to be OK. Not sure about the metal and what I'm looking at in #4.
Overhang in OK if proper starter is used and it's nails are right at the roof edge, (as close as possible anyway).

Here's the ridge install details.

When they're staggered correctly, only 2 nails are used.

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