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The real OC Duration products?

Hello roofing Pros --- Please, first, I'm looking for some insight into the Owens Corning "Duration" line, and next, possibly some direction to a different mfg. THIS IS MY FIRST TIME ON ONE OF THESE SITES, SO PLEASE BEAR WITH ME!

A little history here--- In February this year I got my plans together for a new main roof (and very small "bump-out" addition, plus adding 3 skylights to the main), got my permit (in my area--Maryland--you also need one when you're tearing off down to the trusses/rafters), selected my materials and got quotes (including OC Duration Premium, finally), anticipating plowing into this project as soon as weather permitted. However, after no spring this year in my area, quickly followed by me totaling my knee/surgery/months on crutches and rehab, I am now ready, and praying for a warm fall.

I just got quotes updated and found out "Duration Premium"(DP) no longer exists, nor does "Duration"(D), and (best I can tell) were replaced w/ "Duration Premium Cool"(DPC) and the "TruDefinition Duration"(Tru) lines respectively. Furthermore, I see that Tru is packaged 3 bundles/sq (like the D was) and DPC is 4bndls/sq just like the DP was. If I remember correctly (?) DP was about 30lbs+/sq heavier than D (therefore the 4bndls vs. 3b/sq)---OC plays "close-to-the-vest" and doesn't post lbs/sq on their website. This all seems like an OC marketing ploy, and I don't care that the "new" Tru is now rated for 130mph winds and carries a lifetime warranty. One can rate any product to any wind speed by testing in a lab and warrant it for 2 lifetimes, but who is going to be around long enough to ***** or listen?

What I am concerned about is: ease of installation, a quality product, having to pay 35% more ("new" Tru vs. old "DP" which I was quoted months ago) for a "new" and questionable/not field tested product (if it is actually different than "D") that appears to have the same basic construction as D but inferior to the "old" DP, or, having to buy another (not really new) product (but now has an "EnergyStar" rating that will never pay for itself, in my lifetime) for 150% more than what DP cost just months ago, and finally, a product that will definitely last 35 years.

Question/opinion: Did OC just put some lipstick on the pig and rename it TruDefinition, and then add "energy efficient" granules to a short color version of the entire DP line (and drop the rest) and bump it to the “DPC”---(when OC already had 1 or 2 "Cool" products at a not so cool price for the past year or more)?

My main concern is price/performance shingles that will last at least 35 years. I built on two other additions 29 & 30 years ago and put 3-tabs on them (to match the main, but don't remember the brand name) that, believe it or not, are still in great condition---but will be replaced with the dimensionals. I originally, and somewhat instinctively, selected CertainTeed for this current project, but when I went for quotes in January I found out CT had discontinued my color selection in my area and that it would cost me “an arm and a leg” for a “special order” (per CT HQ). Then I really “got into it” and spent hours upon hours in the selection process reading online posts from you Pros, mfg info, consumer reports/complaints, viewing actual samples in person, and running the numbers and I decided OC Duration Premium would meet my every need. Now I find the OC “Duration” line to be side-ways.

OTHER INFO: the entire 5/12 roof (main plus planned and existing additions) will have 5/8 in. sheathing (new on main and new addition), w/ Grace I&W (eaves, rakes, valleys, etc.) and Grace Tri-flex underlayment, plus I'm drip-edging everything, cutting in a ridge vent on the main (existing additions already have one and so will the new), and adding vented soffits to the main (as you may have gathered---the main is shot).

I'm labeling this roof my "Death Roof" as I am well over 60 and retired (and have little $'s) but physically able and enjoy the outside work, but after this job is complete I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO SET FOOT ON THE ROOF EVER AGAIN (and won't have to unless I break 100--I'd bet against that one if I were you). I have also done a number of roofs in my day helping my buddies over the years do theirs (for fun and beer for all)--- now that it is their turn to help me they all of a sudden have bad backs, etc.,etc. (pussies) or have died on me. PS, all of those roofs are still in great shape---I may never have, and certainly not now, been able to keep up with you Pros on speed on the job, but I certainly understand your preaching the importance of doing a job correctly the first time---that goes for any job.

So, can any of you Pro young bucks out there give an old fart some solid insight on the OC issue and/or give me some alternative advise? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Rich


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I'm a little confused on what it is you are looking for? A lot of products this year changed names, if you still comfortable with the OC, stick with them.


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Thanks for the reply Paragon, I guess I was a little confusing--let me re-phrase---Have you used OC TruDefinition? If so, would you please give me your opinion on anything about the product? If not, (or even if you have) what have you found to be the most competitive/comparable product?
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