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re-shingling part of a roof

Are there any problems with re-shingling part of a roof. Here's why I'm asking. I just had my roof replaced (tear off) and the roofer didn't replace some of the sheathing as per the contract. Now, I want him to install all new sheathing along the ridge, which was what he was supposed to do during the tearoff. This would require him to strip the roof down to expose the old sheathing, replace the sheathing, re-shingle and replace the ridge vent. Are there any problems he will run into doing this. I do not want the overall job compromised and all of his suggestions are just band aids. He should have replaced the sheathing the first time and I don't see any other way to get the job I paid for, other than making him do it correctly, now. Obviously, I don't want him to reuse the shingles or the ridge vents over again, and would expect him to install all new. I'm interested in your opinions. Thank you for any input.


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Why is it being replaced?
It's no big deal to do as your suggesting, but the ridge vent can be reused.


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As suggested above -
the ridge-vent can be re-used.
Any shingles removed should be replaced with new shingles.

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I quess if the ridge vent was carefully removed and not damaged in any way it could be reused. But I have NEVER seen a roofer do anything carefully. And one other time when a roofer installed ridgevents with nails that were to short, I talked to several roofers about fixing the problem and they all said that they would have to replace the ridgevents to install them with the correct nails.
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[quote=roof52;902296] But I have NEVER seen a roofer do anything carefully. quote]

Not all roofers are knuckleheads like you have experienced.I know lots of them that take alot of pride in their installations.It is unfortunate that you have met a couple from the bottom of the barrel.

But once again many take pride in contracting and providing a quality service with the homeowners best interest at heart and in mind.

And they also do everything on the contract to the "T".

But the bottom line for your situation is this.The contractor should install your roof system as he promised in the first place.

There is no easy way around this.He is required to remove the ridge vent,shingles,felt.,replace the decking as promised.,install felt,shingles,ridge vent and ridge cap.,shake your hand.,apologize then get in his truck and learn from the mistake.Maybe as he is driving off he might realize that it feels pretty good to go back and do the right thing.

Yes.,it should have been done in the first place but you never know.This job of yours that went bad might be the turning and learning point in his career.You might have single handedly helped alot of people you don't know by cracking the whip and showing him there is no easy way to fix or squirm out of this.

Personally I would replace anything that was removed for the principle but I have heard of people reusing ridge vent but IMO it hardly has a material warranty anymore and not to mention your product now contains double the penetrations from nails.Your product was designed for a single application.Meaning the fasteners to hold the product and the fasteners to attach the ridge cap.Not installation,ridge cap,,removal,,installation then ridge cap.Might as well buy some used ridge vent at a home goods resale store.

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