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FatAugie 08-19-2007 07:35 AM

Question about Carlisle Ice and Water Dam
Anyone ever use this stuff?

There's a guy who has a roll and a half he wants to get rid of for $50, and I was thinking of using it for the rake edges of the roof. I already have GAF Weather Stopper for the eaves. Since the rake edge is a "nice, but not necessary" situation, I thought I could save a few $$$ using this instead of buying a new roll or two of GAF's.

Any thoughts?

Ron6519 08-19-2007 04:57 PM

Looks like a similiar product. How many sq feet in a roll and a half?

FatAugie 08-19-2007 06:08 PM

I see two different length's on the spec could be a 33' roll or a 66' roll. I have a question into the guy. If the whole roll is a 1 sq roll, and he has part of a other words less than two square, then it would be cheaper to buy the GAF at Home Depot ($49 for a 2 square roll)

Ron6519 08-19-2007 10:41 PM

The roll the Jericho,NY Home Depot sells is 1 1/2 of a square for about $50.00. I can pick up the 2 square version at a local lumber yard for the same price. The details of the transaction will dictate the value of the deal.

HomeImpCons 08-25-2007 05:32 PM

Question on Ice and Water
Looking for opinions on using ice and water around the bottom perimeter of walls under vinylsiding on a slab ranch without gutters. Thanks.

FatAugie 08-25-2007 07:37 PM

Interesting application, but if I was you I'd start a new thread in a more appropriate forum, like the building and construction section. More people will see it.


the roofing god 08-26-2007 11:25 AM

THE CARLISLE IS SIMILAR TO GRACE i BELIEVE,the ice +water is fine at the bottom of the siding but cover it w/tyvek so as to prevent oilcanning/staining from the petroleum product-you shouldn`t put felt/ice shield under vinyl w/out a protective barrier:wink:

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