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Proper ridge vent installation

I own/operate a "Household HandyMan" type business, and have a few firm rules to stay living by : 1) I don't do roofing work, and 2) I don't do concrete work. I know plenty of guys in my area to do these. That said--what the heck was I doing up on a roof for the last two days? A female friend (maybe that's it) of mines niece/hubby/family had developed a unique problem. The doorway frame between the kitchen and den started to show symptoms of termite damage. After digging into the door frame I'm convinced there are no termites, just dry rot caused by water intrusion over time. A good look in the attic and I see daylight at the end of a ridge board. Further investigation shows a trail left by water coming in at this area, running down the rafter to where it meets the top plate of an exterior wall, then turns back to travel along the top plate of an interior wall, entering a hole for electrical wiring, which would go to the light switch mounted beside the damaged door frame. The water trail is very evident. During a recent hard rain the homeowner went into the attic to look at this opening, looking for water---he found water trickling down and following this exact path. He also, madly, tore out the sheetrock at the switch area and found water slightly trickling down. We think we found the source of the leak. The question--when an existing roof is cut for ridge vents, should the gap cut out go all the way to the end of the ridge, or stop about a foot short? The actual gap was cut all the way to each end during a new roof job ten years ago. The ridge vents go all the way to the end of the ridge and there was a 1/2" gap at each end until this non-roofer went up there and "silly-coned" these gaps closed until something correct can be done. I'm thinking this was how the rain water was getting in. Their insurance company has the photos I took of before and after temp repairs, and his photos of water actually moving along the boards. Yes, the roofers are no longer in business. So-is this the correct way to install ridge vents? Thanks, David


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Ridge venting is only required on the part of the roof containing insulation.
The cut out of the roof sheathing and the ridge vent should stop there.


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When you find one like you did, either add wood from the gable to the first rafter back, or bend an 'A' shaped piece of metal to fit the situation.
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Tinner - I believe I have said it before but that is very informative. Great and simple for homeowners to understand.

I stop all ridgevent 18 inches short for the exact reason you are experiencing. Most likely Tinners solution will be the easiest and quickest for you to do and solve the problem.
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