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withoutapaddle 10-03-2012 12:44 PM

Proper placement of dormer roof vents?
Hi all,

Are there any suggested placements for dormer roof vents? I ask because when my mother had her house roof replaced, I noticed that the roofer did not put the dormer roof vents in the same place as where they existed before.

I'm currently trying to determine if they decreased the number of vents too. Currently the house has two vents. One on east side of house (vent faces east) and one on west side of house (vent faces west).

According to old photos, there used to be a vent on the north side of the house (vent facing north)...i assume there was one on south side of house facing south too....

Ever since the new roof, the house seems to retain heat more than before. New roof was the asphalt material..old roof was wood shingles. Newer building code prevented us from installing wood shingles again. House is located in West Los Angeles, 8 miles east of beaches so we do get nice breezes.

So what are some general guidelines for dormer roof placement? and number of vents? The house has sofit vents all along the perimiter of the roof too.

THanks for any input.

Roofmaster417 10-03-2012 02:10 PM

Typical vent placement on any part of the roof is about 12"-14" off the ridge line symmetrical.

Removing a vent is never a good idea if it was on the initial blue prints.However depending on the era in which your home was built new technical home construction technique advancements have been made.

If possible post the approximate square footage of attic space along with the roof pitch and it can be determined the amount of ventilation needed.

Why wasn't Ridge Vent installed ? Was it offered ? Ridge Vent and functioning soffit is the best ventilation combination.

Nonetheless its possible to acquire a decent ventilation flow with vents and soffit.As long as there is enough vents in place as required to attain proper ventilation.

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