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kmhill35 03-30-2005 10:40 AM

Proper Attic Ventilation
We live in southwestern Pennsylvania on a hill where it can be rather windy. We are going to replace our roof this year. We are considering having a ridge vent installed (AirVent ShingleVent II or an Owens Corning VentSure Externally Baffled). Our brick home is over 50 years old. There are two existing "gable vents", however, these vents located about halfway up from the attic floor and are rectangular, they are not the triangular type that are located right up by the rafters. If we combine this type of gable vent with a ridge vent would they be likely to cancel each other out? One contractor mentioned both a ridge vent and an attic exhaust fan. He also claims that the Owens Corning rolled ridge vent is better for a windy area.

Also, the roof has no overhang, so we cannot install soffit ventilation. Would a properly installed drip edge vent be of any help? Is there still a good chance for ice & water backup even if it is properly installed. We currently do not have any ice damming problems (plenty of insulation between attic and second floor ceiling).

We are also considering GAF Slateline or Owens Corning Oakridge 30 shingles. I'm not so sure the Oakridge singles would be good for a windy hill.

One roofing contractor claims that if we install any kind of gutter screening system, it will cause icicles.

Any experience or suggestions would be appreciated to help us make some decisions.

Thanks for your time....

AaronB 03-31-2005 05:33 AM

Hi, I left a post for you at the first place you posted the ventilation questions.

Grumpy 04-01-2005 08:11 PM

Don't bother with a ridge vent if you can not install equal or greater soffit intake ventilation.

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