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becca 01-10-2011 06:09 PM

Please help - condensation or leak?

I have what I think is called a cathedral ceiling, in the second bedroom of my property, it is a pitched ceiling which follows the line of the roof and appears to have very little in between the interior ceiling and the roof. The inside is "plastered" with artex, which has been painted. The ceiling is damp to touch and sometimes has droplets of water which run down. When I first saw the problem, I assumed it was a leak and called a roofing man (he said that the roof was in generally good condition but quoted to extend some lead flashing in the hope of remedying the problem). But having searched the net I am now confused as some websites suggest the problem may be condensation.

Is there any sure way to tell if the problem is a leak or condensation?
What would be the remedy if the problem is condensation?

Please help!!

oh'mike 01-10-2011 06:23 PM

This sounds like condensation to me---It is common with cathedral ceilings--
Warm moist air rises and hits the cooler ceiling---bingo--water drops.

Your best bet is to get the air moving--if you have a ceiling fan turn it on in the reverse setting so that it is blowing UP towards the ceiling----Mike---

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