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purecalm 03-21-2005 01:37 PM

Parapet wall waterproofing
I have a flat roof with exterior parapet wall to one side. This has a sandstone cap over the brick. I believe originally there were coping stones on top. at one part of this wall there is a slow leak into the room below. What is the best diy solution to this problem?
should i go for aluminium flashing to cover the exposed top or some kind of paintable treatment, or apply new coping stones? If so, can i concrete or attach these tiles directly to the sandstone?

MgMopar 03-23-2005 10:37 PM

All your ideas have possibilities. Not really surprising the sand stone “water can seep threw it? is letting water down into the wall. I think your idea of a paintable sealer has a unique possibility of solving the problem. If thre sand stone is in sound shape a water proofing paint used for basement walls may take care of your problems? Also inspect the areas wear the side of the wall meets the roofing “ this can be a troublesome area.? leaks can travel many feet from the original location and wick in.

Stefan 03-11-2006 12:56 PM


the proper solution would be to remove the sandstone and replace with purpose made coping stones.

Can you post pics on here?

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