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brickhaus 08-24-2010 05:05 PM

100 year old Fascia replacement, please help
:eek:I have a stand alone shot gun style 100 year old, brick row house. Roof has fascia, (NO SOFFIT) on 3 sides, Flat roof angled slightly toward rear( east) of house, where main and only rain gutter exists.

Objective: Original, circa 1910, Fascia boards need to be replaced. ( No kidding.)

Elastomeric Roof coating to be applied following this process. New Rain Gutter and 2nd floor porch ceiling, also.

Simplest way to remove metal from boards, remove boards from brick doing least harm to brick and how to apply new ( metal) fascia boards? Can I lay on roof and do this? I have to repair brick under a section of it and hope it can be done without erecting a scaffold. I am one person, have one other to help.

Should I cut metal roof at top of board, considering I will be applying new metal boards, sealing edge with WHAT product, technique, etc.

Who out there has done this.

Also, BEST Elastomeric product for roof ( and wall project for next spring) and why do you like it? Prefer one step, no primer if one exists. I will use primer if best option but I saw one UTUBE with no primer.

Also, would love to put roof top cistern up there. Any info on that. Joists are 10 x 4's. or so. I have big garden in back and this could water it all summer and fall.
Thank you.

federer 08-24-2010 10:47 PM

pictures would help

brickhaus 08-25-2010 09:07 AM

photos upcoming must climb ladder
thanks. i have to climb the ladder and take and then post. thank you for your reply and i will get back to you asap.:thumbsup:

jackofmany 08-25-2010 10:10 AM

Until pictures arrive - I can say that the integrity of the mortar (which if original is probably questionable) and that they are the top courses of brick will require some careful removal on that facia. Scaffolding - even ladders with plank and ladderjacks - would be wise. I would cut as much of the facia away with a small - easy to handle power saw using a blade you don't care about as you'll hit brick sooner or later. Then deal with the small pieces of fascia, hopefully a few inches each, that remain by splitting them away, again not striking the wood. A pair of wire cutters or similar tool might do it. Then all you have left are the cut nails which will NIP off. Main thing is to get it off without jarring the brickwork unless you intend to point and or relay some bricks.

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