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Old Shop Roof

Hey, I am rebuilding an old shop (probably 60+ years) I have owned for a few years. It is about 60x32 feet with a rounded roof that follows along the long side (like it has 60 foot long trusses). The middle of the front wall is about 18 feet and the ends are about 13 feet. It has old tin that needs replacing and under that the whole roof is 2x4's that also follow along the long way. The roof is sagged in the middle and has been leaking since I owned it. The trusses appear to be in ok shape. The idea in my head is to wait till summer so I can avoid as much snow and rain as possible, rip off the tin and all the 2x4's (probably rig up a very large tarp in case of rain) and jack up the middle to see if the sag will come out as it dries. Then I'm thinking I should be able to just strap the trusses with 2x4's and put my new tin on that? I will probably also support the end walls to the ground and the trusses to each other before I tear off all them 2x4's.
It is the shop in the upper left of the picture to give you an idea of the roof, sorry only picture I could find on this computer.
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Not a lot to go on, but I doubt that jacking it up, and letting it dry is going to eliminate the sag. It depends on where it is sagging, but I suspect that you mean in the center of the peak, in which case my first guess would be that you will find that the center trusses have settled, and that the centers of the walls on which the trusses set have spread out; maybe not a lot, but some. Honestly, if it were me, given that you have the rest of the winter to kick it around, and construction related activities are likely to be a bit slower anyway, not to mention the fact that it sounds like you want to approach it correctly the first time, I would hire a structural engineer to look at it, and see what they recommend.


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Been there, done that, and you are not seeing what's going on. Just jacking up the middle of the roof is going to compound your problem and accelerate your building collapsing.

Did I scare you yet? Now how far out of plumb are the walls in the center of the building? That is your culprit, the sagging roof is the symptom. It does need jacked up but only as you suck the walls back into shape. Reinforcing the roof will accelerate the spreading of the walls until the center of the building falls outward.

Sorry no pics but last one I did I ran a glulam the lenth of the building and cables and turnbuckles from wall to wall. No need to tear anything off until you have the building squared away, then it's all cosmetic repairs.

Yes, it is best to have it engineered.
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I'm definetly not afraid of it falling down, it is very solid. Which way do i need to check to see if the wall is spreading? Along the peak of the roof or along the way the trusses run? Is it possible that when the floor settled it changed the position of the walls which is making my roof sag? I know that 1 or 2 of the corners seem lower than when it was built.
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