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ladynga 08-31-2011 02:57 PM

Old shingled to Metal? Sorry...looong!
My current (shingled) roof is approx 30 yrs old. I live on an island on the S.E.Atlantic. My house is a small ranch-type one story low-pitch roof with a lower pitch (almost flat) rubberoid addition (Total size is 15 squares). I want metal, but am confused. I thought I wanted to have Galvalume 5V 26 gauge bare color and put it over existing roof shingles. BUT one bidder said the exposed fasteners (gaskets) corrode, and also, that I should tear off the old roof to do it properly?
One reason I like metal, (plus the durability with wind, hail, limbs, etc) is that ( I have read) the original roof does not have to be torn off...saving labor AND landfill.

The metal (standing type?) with hidden fasteners is much higher $$ than the 5V w/ exposed fasteners. Two sep bids with old roof left on were $5200.00.... and
With complete tear-off is $7000. That is with 5V 26, not the hidden fastener kind.
Should I (ouch!$$) do the total tear-off then the metal w/deck- wrap? 5V vs Standing?
They both told me that going over the existing roof could compromise the metal co's warranty? AND that the furring strips can eventually buckle causing bulging?
I've been reading all I can about going to metal from shingle and am just more confused.
Both roofing companies have good reps so I think they are not trying to intentionally confuse me!(heheh)
I guess my dilemma is: go with less exp 5V and no tear-off or do it the higher route>? I am in my 60's so 20 yrs means nada to me in roof life.:laughing:
Thanks for your patience! LD

guest 08-31-2011 04:27 PM

Hi! I am a homeowner not a contractor but I recently put metal on a screen porch on my home and the metal co. told me when I asked them that I could put the metal over the existing shingles if I rolled out 30# felt paper over the existing shingles first. It must be 30# felt, not 15# (which is cheaper) and they said this would keep the shingles from scratching the back of the metal. You may call the metal companies where you live and ask them, they were very helpful when I called them. Good luck!

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