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nj2012 04-13-2014 10:26 PM

NJ Roof replacement cost? Wait till leak?
State: NJ

I have a 9/12 pitched roof. 1000 sq ft, 2 dormers (3feet each), probably double layer.

I'm not ready to replace it yet since its still holding up.
I do notice grain in the gutter. (shingles giving up)? Nothing is rolling up yet.

Should I wait for a leak?

What should be the cost to replace the shingles?

eharri3 04-13-2014 11:36 PM

Granules in the gutter doesn't automatically mean the roof is done. Getting estimates is the best way to find out what it will cost. People could guess on here and either be in the ball park or nowhere close. Labor and material costs vary with region. What type of shingle do you have, how long have they been on there, and how has the roof performed for you? Pictures are worth a thousand words. If you don't mind fixing everything inside the house that would get damaged by a leak in addition to replacing the roof then by all means, wait for a leak to tell you the time has come.

RoofingTrades 04-20-2014 02:30 PM

Never wait until it leaks, when it leaks you're already looking at additional costs by repairing/replacing damage that would have otherwise been in good working order. Have a professional identify problematic areas and treat them accordingly. You want to get the most out of your roof due to the high cost of re-roofing but you don't want to neglect your roof either.

It would be difficult for any of us to give you a proper estimate without going up on your roof. But here are some things I would recommend as proper business practise when hiring a roofing contractor to visit your home:

- Have them provide papers proving that they are bonded, licensed, insured and accredited.

- Real roofing contractors will do a proper inspection and charge for it. Unprofessionals generally "eyeball" from the ground without taking time to note everything. A professional will safely set up a ladder and walk about your roof, inspect all protrusions, take pictures and document problems and even go through your attic provided you have access.

- No roof is a "fullproof" system. EPDM differs from SBS, slate differs from cedar, etc. Every roofing type has it's advantages and disadvantages and be sure to discuss that with your roofing contractor prior to reroofing. Just because you already have a shingle roof doesn't mean you should stick to it when you replace your roof.

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