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jjhann 09-25-2012 12:37 AM

New Shed Gambrel Help
Hello, I was wondering if I can get some assistance with my roof design.
I'm in the process of building a 12x16 shed. I have Googled everything from day one on this project and I'm almost Googly eyed from so much information and a variety of information and even misinformation.

I have all the walls up (2x4x8 16" center)and I have 2x6x12 16" center across the 12' span and attached them using only hurricane clips.(Not sure if i still need to toe nail them in on top of the wall)

My next step is to lay down my 1/2" Plywood on top of those joists and then start attaching my gambrel roof.....but I haven't figured out my gambrel roof style/dimensions yet.

I decided to go with a gambrel roof so I can have some storage space for the little guys toys, seasonal stuff, etc. I don't intend on having it as a play area or anything such. I live up in northern Canada. And we get alot of snow....alot. According to the roofing charts here it can be up to 52.5 LBS PSF.

I know gambrel roofs are hexagon and inside a cirlce and each cut is 22.5 degrees and adds up to 180 degrees....etc(thank you google)

But, I want to know if 2x4 is going to be strong enough with just 1/2" plywood gussets on each side where they join. And I don't want to go 6 ft high. It's said the height is half with width which is 12' in my case. And I don't want too flat of a roof due to the snow load.

I'm going for this exact style of framing. and attaching them to the 2x6x12 joists resting on top of the walls like in this photo

I just need advise on the dimensions of the gable/angles etc.
Sorry if it seems I over engineered everything, but I want to make sure it's not going to collapse and withstand our winters.

allthumbsdiy 09-25-2012 06:25 AM

When I built my 12x8 Gambrel shed, I used:

1. 2x4 as my wall studs but used 2x6 for the rafters, 16" O.C.

2. 3/4" CDX plywood (not OSB) for added strength (that way I did not have to use h clips to support butt joints). It's my personal believe that plywood handles water better than OSB

3. A ridge board, instead of butting rafters against each other with a gusset plate, for (perceived) extra stability

As far as the roofing height is concerned, make sure you stay compliant with your local zoning/building codes.

BTW, what is the height from the floor to your ceiling joists?

There are couple of photos at the end of this thread (

Good luck!

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