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Alto 09-30-2010 09:41 PM

New roof in torrential rains?
We have had two or three days solid of torrential rains in eastern NC to the point that serious flooding is possible (reminiscent of hurricane Floyd 12 years ago; we were devastated). I was just up in the attic and saw that I was leaking from around my flashing. And my roof is just weeks old.Now this is something I did not anticipate and i have not previously read up about what to do. So maybe someone can help. What do I do??

1. I assume that I do not just leave it and say, "these are freak rains and I should just leave it." Something needs to be done, right? Ultimately even with light rains water is getting in and will eventually rot the outer layers of wood won't it, even if it is not sinking in to the point that I can detect it winin the attic.

2. Do I pull everything up and reroof the area? It is a large rectangular chimney in the center of my roof at the ridge. But I have 10 bundles left over (I miscalculated on my order of shingles) and I think that should be enough.

3. Do I try to seal around the flashing; that is what I would say to do with an old roof that would have to be replaced anyway in a few years, but i want this one new and perfect and lasting for many years. It might also ruin the appearance; I paid a lot for copper flashing. (Speaking of that I got what seemed to me a good shiny copper; most of my neighbors have a dark colored copper; I just assumed that mine will tarnish and it is really all the same stuff). Might it be necessary to take off the flashing and can it be re-used?

How do I handle this?? would much appreciate suggestions.

federer 09-30-2010 10:59 PM

so you just replaced this and its leaking already????

johnk 09-30-2010 11:01 PM

Oh yes,the leaky chimney syndrome:huh:My guess would be incorrect flashing procedures.If you can post a few pics of chimney area especially backpan and the sides of your chimney.This may help in determining your problem.Also in your words a detailed description of the procedures you used around chimney(include underlayment use and type).I know we can help you.Have you done many roofs?If not,why,why,why,did you practice with copper?Chimneys and skylight(IMO)are the most common areas to be roofed incorrectly,not only by DIY'ers,but by many roofing contractors as well.:yes:

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