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Heidisofie 07-22-2011 10:33 AM

new roof, solar fans & ridge vents to relieve heat?
We have a 2 story home with an attic. The upstairs is considerably hotter than the downstairs. My son's room dramatically hotter. Getting a new roof. What can we do to relieve the heat. We know ridge vents, but do we add solar fans? Do we need to get the attic insulated more? Thanks for your advice.

AGWhitehouse 07-22-2011 11:30 AM

You can do any of the things you stated.

More insulation never hurts, though as I suggest to most adding an air barrier to batt. type insulation will gain you alot. Tyvek is a well known brand that applies.

If you are doing a passive ridge vent that is fine, but I wouldn't double it with a powered ventilator. It will more likely suck the air from the ridge vent than the soffit vents where you want to.

Job #1) Ensure soffit vents and a clear path to the attic space. You need the insulation to be away from the roof sheathing at least 1". They make foam baffles if you need them
Job #2) Decide to insulate more and add air barrier or just add air barrier.
Job #3) Decide on passive ridge vent or forced ventilation
Job #4) Do the job.

Grumpy 07-22-2011 01:05 PM

Solar fans are a good form of attic ventilation. They will work all day long all year long, just not at night.

Right vent is also another great form of attic ventilation. With ridge vent you have to ensure that there are adequare ridge lines.

What you should NOT do is to mix a ridge vent with a fan of any kind.

insulation is always a good thing since attic ventilation is only half the equation... if you are getting a new roof it can be easily installed at the time of the roofing. Blown in fiberglass is an excellent form of insulation and fairly affordable.

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