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COLDIRON 12-11-2012 06:43 AM

New Roof
Recently had new roof put on.
Complete rip off and replacement with shingles and torch down on porch area. Contractor put drip/angle all around roof on the porch on top of TD then used tar/cement over that. Question should drip/angle be installed under TD ? If so how would the finished edge of the TD be finished? Having problem with Photos will post if I can.

jagans 12-11-2012 07:35 AM

Metal edge
The nailing flange of the metal should be primed on both sides with D-41 primer. Modified roof cement then applied to the edge, and the metal set in cement. The metal is then stripped in with an 8 inch wide strip of mod bit while torching back of mod bit and metal. ALternately, do as above, then top coat metal and 4 inches out onto roof surface with modified cement. Embed 6 inch asphalt saturated cotton fabric, trowel in and top coat with modified cement. After set, aluminum coat roof and flashing.

It is always good to install a tapered edge right at a drip edge because you end up building up the edge there, and this will cause ponding right behind the build up. This requires covering the roof with 1.5 inch rigid insulation and a mechanically fastened G2 Base sheet though, which costs more.

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