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scheiman 06-05-2010 05:12 PM

new drip edge over existing gutters
I am having a new roof installed on my house in a couple of months. I had a roofer come over and he will install new drip edge (there is none on the roof at this time) all over the fascia except where there are gutters. He explained that he will not be able to install drip edge over the gutters due to it not being enough room due to the hangers. The roofer said that I could take the gutters down then he can install the drip edge. Then I can reinstall the gutters. The roofer also explained that he could installed the shinlges a little lower where the gutters are at to compansate for now drip edge. (that's if I did not want to take the gutters down) Please someone explain the pro's or con's and if there is another way. Thank You

Ron Smith Const 06-05-2010 07:44 PM

If he trys to compensate more overhang with shingles,they will hang to far in the gutters.He could try the smaller face drip edge instead of the OD drip edge.Sometimes its possible to trim around the hangers,but if the gutter is to high.It may not be possible.So the gutter will have to be lowered for the installation of drip edge.Most roofer are able to do gutter work as well.

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