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FearlessInPNW 01-18-2013 01:40 AM

New drip edge on old roof with curled shingles
I'm debating what type of drip edge flashing to install on an existing asphalt shingle roof (the house has no flashing at all, with the expected dripping problems). There are two layers of shingles meaning the house was reroofed at some point and they left the previous roof on. The old bottom layer of shingles is curling down and shredded and damaged along the edges. (You'd think they'd act as a sort of drip edge but no such luck). The newer top layer of shingles is sticking out over the gutter as it should. The gutters are in ok shape.

I will have to either remove or push up the curled down shingle edges in order to slot the flashing between the felt and plywood. Question, should I use the type of drip edge flashing that helps support the old shingle (ie it has a lip on it that sticks out) or should I just go with a flashing that has an angle and can tuck back under the curled shingles. Or should I remove the damaged and curled edge altogether.

My concern with using a supporting flashing and leaving the old edge is that the curl of the old shingles will introduce a gap that water could run back into.

Also since it will be hard to nail the flashing in this situation, will a bead of goo between the flashing and tarpaper be sufficient sealing?

I also toyed with the idea of slotting the flashing between the two layers of shingles although I know it's not technically correct. The house will probably be getting a new roof in the next couple years anyway.

Thanks in advance for your opinions!

jagans 01-18-2013 07:29 AM

What is happening to make you think you have to do anything at all? The reason I ask is that this is going to be tough without removing the gutter, and I would bet that your fascia is probably already toast. Just plan on new fascia when you re-roof, which will be a complete tear off to the structural deck.

If you insist on doing something, I would just use a flat piece of 6 inch, 24 gage Galvanized sheet steel with a return hem on the outer edge, so you can get it under the original felt. Heat up and Lift a tab and throw in a nail or two per length, then put a dab of roof cement over the head.

You may want to work with shorter pieces like 4 foot, and lap them 3 inches or so, so you can work from a ladder. Do Not. I repeat, DO NOT nail through the laps.

You better take a Valium before you start this project though, it will be frustrating. :wallbash:

Gymschu 01-18-2013 08:51 AM

Jagans is right, you will be pounding your head against a wall while doing this. I have done this as a temporary fix to keep water from continuing to rot out the roof edges. I have used regular drip edge and slipped it under the shingles as best I could then nailed or glued it down. It is difficult at best as you try to get an 8 ft piece to slide under the shingles but it can be done. Just don't expect it to be a PERMANENT solution because the drip edge will have a tendency to slip out because of the lack of proper nailing. It will give you a year or two of service til you reroof properlly.

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