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billyh 10-21-2011 01:20 PM

Need suggestions for Removing Soffit Covers

I'd appreciate any help with the following.

I insulated the attic a lot better than it was prior to buying the house. I noticed, last winter, that there was frost on the inside of the roof. So, I'd like to vent the soffits. I've already installed the vent channels, I just need to cut open the plywood on the soffits.

I will take a picture if someone would like, but my setup is basically like this picture

Problem is that it would be way too much work to remove the eaves, to remove the fascia and slide the channels out. The previous owners caulked them in places, nailed them multiple times in others. Removing the end cap does not allow me to slide out the pieces.

I'm looking at alternatives to vent this. I believe that the inside edge of the soffit cover is not secured (or at least I hope).

Here is an idea I had:

1: Use a dremel / cutting wheel to slice the soffit cover along the outside edge where it meets the channel ( Pull it out. Vent soffit. Put it back in and either:

a) screw it back into the plywood with nice looking white screws. Caulk the seam.

b) Get a piece of metal like the channel but flat and put that inside the channel and over top of the cut. Caulk it

Another one is to bend down the bottom edge of the fascia and, when I am done, bend it back up as far as I can, then secure it with screws. This may look wonky though.

I would love any other suggestions, or comments on this method.


PS. I did a search for soffit, but there are tons of posts. If I missed one that addresses this, please let me know.

kwikfishron 10-22-2011 02:38 PM

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Billy, you can certainly do it the way you describe but it will always look like a mistake especially up against the last guys mess.

How long of a run is this? How often in that run are you planning to vent? Is this vinyl or aluminum soffit and fascia? If vinyl there’s probably a better way.

Posting a couple pictures of “your” situation including the caulking mess would help.

billyh 10-30-2011 08:05 AM

Hey Kwik,

In the end, I decided to do it the right way and take everything apart. I did have to do some patching and replacing but I think it was much less work than what I proposed.

Thanks for replying!


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