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BeckyFL 10-16-2011 04:34 PM

Need help deciding on flat roof replacement...
My 85 yo dad has a small house in Florida that was built in the 1950's. It has a flat roof that is actually 2 levels, one over the main house and a little lower over a room and carport that was added later. Total for both is 1600 sq ft of roof.
We knew that there was some wood rotted between the carport and the house so we went down to do some repairs before my dad returns from the north as it's getting overwhelming for him to even deal with people coming to do anything. When we got down there, we found that it really needs a new roof.
We got talked with 3 roofing company and have a few options (although we don't have a price on one of those options as of yet)...

1. First contractor suggested Polyglass self-adhered flat base sheet with a 2 ply Polyglass white self-adhered top that will include a 20 year warranty. This was $8100. We are concerned that there will still be pooling and we are also concerned the future. Will later replacement be a problem here? Inside the house are beautiful wood ceilings and beams.. nothing between roof and ceiling. Will there be damage to those with later replacement?

2. Second option from same contractor would be, for an additional $4200, using Firestone icynene tapered insulation to first taper the roof (will this be hard with a 2 level thing going on?) and then add the Polyglass as above. Again, a 20 year warranty.

3. Another contractor came in a bid $5900 to to the same as option one but using GAF products.

4. Third contractor will give us prices on both option 1 and 2 (they also use Polyglass) but they also want to give us a bid with Duro-last. This would be there very first Duro-last project and they want the rep to come out and look at the project. They would be using our house to train their people if we went this route. They say the Duro-last has their own tapering system as well.

I've tried hard to research everything, but with our interior ceiling issue, I can't find enough information. I would REALLY appreciate input! Thanks so much!

BeckyFL 10-17-2011 10:43 AM

Finally found another option. Fourth contractor is bidding tapered insulation with TPO. REALLY hoping someone has some input since I don't know much about any of it. Thanks!!!!

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