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fox_forma 04-04-2011 02:05 PM

Need to add soffits, couple questions
My main attic that is above the second floor where all the bedrooms are is about 900sqft. In the attic there are only two gable vents with no soffit vents or anything else. It was hot this weekend and I could feel the heat actually radiating off the ceilings upstairs. It was a hot mess when I went up in the attic. Insulation is also needed but I would like to get the venting situated first. My garage has soffits drilled into the wood with a screen attached to them and they vent out the gable of the garage attic and the diffeence is night and day between the two attics.

Due to the fascia running around the house I can't exactly drill in new soffit holes, possibly at an angle i could but I was told what i could do is remove the 2x4 block where the holes would be placed and actually screw in a mesh cover between the two rafters that would now be the soffit. As long as i calculate properly this would be the easiest route. My other concern is I can really only access the roof areas needed from the back of the house. Would soffits need to be placed on front and rear of the house or would this not matter?

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