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Dewey233 01-31-2013 08:37 AM

Nailer for sheathing on true 2"x4" early 1900's home
Early 1900's home I am looking to put new sheathing on roof 3/8" plywood or 7/16" osb. At this time it has 1" planks 10" - 24" wide, various lengths no sheathing. Rafters are true 2"x6" hard boards same as the ceiling and walls. To give you an idea on age some studs have tree bark on 1 side. I have 2 questions about this issue. 1 - should I remove planks or just go over them. 2 - is there a air nailer capable of penetrating these rafters that would make the sheathing faster and easier? I have drywalled the interior and using a Senco screw gun snapped screws without having screw half way in, switched to 1/2" drill and heavier screw and break screw or strip head. After alot of trial and error tried nails which they just bent. Finally I had to pre drill each hole before fastening. Tedious, highly frustrating and time consuming but worked. I just don't want to spend 3 - 4 hundred on a nailer and have them just bend or jam the gun. I have never used a framing or roofing gun before so I was not sure how powerful or capable it would be for the job. Would be ran off a 60 gallon compressor, any brands in mind that would work? Thanks.

joecaption 01-31-2013 08:55 AM

A framing nailer "should" do it. I'd use 2-1/2" ring shank round head nails.
It would be best if you could get the nails into the rafters but not a deal killer if there to hard and have to just nail close to them and in the field.
I'd also be using 1/2 OSB or plywood for more nail holding power.

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