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queenvillhome 12-15-2008 10:43 AM

Mysterious Leak
We own a three story house....walls are comprised of cinder block with a stucco finish on the sides and back, brick facade on the front.
This past weekend we were putting a piece of furniture together in our 2nd bedroom and found that the carpet in an area in the corner of the room was soaked (we just moved in at the beginning of this month and had just had the carpet installed). We recently had a good amount of rain in the days leading up to that weekend. There are no visible signs of a leak; both the ceiling above the area and the walls in the corner seem to be dry (to the touch and eye). Above this second bedroom is a flat rubber roof that was apparently replaced just a few years ago (we just bought the house less than a year ago. This was information we got from the sellers). A roof deck does sit atop that flat rubber roof. There are no visible cracks in the roof that I can see. I fear that there is water somehow leaking through the flashing surrounding the edge of the roof (covering the top layer of cinder block) and leaking through the cinder block into the bedroom below. I was hoping to get information as to how I would 1) identify that this is in fact the cause of the leak 2) identify other sources of the leak and 3) how to go about trouble shooting this problem. We are expecting more rain in the coming week and I don't want our new carpet/home to continue to get water penetration. Please help!!

Slyfox 12-16-2008 07:41 AM

My first suggestion would be to contact the people you purchased the home from and get the name of the roofing contractor who installed the roof, it very well may be under warranty still.

Take some pictures from the ground looking up at the area in question, and from the deck looking down onto the area, and post them here so we can have a look and possibly give some advise.

queenvillhome 12-16-2008 09:38 AM


thanks for the advice. i will try to get some pics up this weekend. to the best of my knowledge, there isnt any visible damage on the outside of the house, but you never know. I am also going to locate the paperwork for the roof and contact the people that did the work. I will keep you updated

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