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ohioweaver 05-31-2011 07:21 PM

My slate roof is 115 yrs old but asphalt edges need replaced.
I need to find someone who can represent me in hiring a contractor to protect me (I'm 73 and a Widow) on fixed income, so not getting ripped off is of prime importance!!! What is the title of such a person: overseer?..the problem also is what happens if the repair company damages existing slates--which are very expensive?? Can I get someone to first take pics of the current roof as proof--and then again when work is finished so I can see if there is any damage to my slates--and again, WHO is going to replace them? Not me if they did the damage which is why dated pics are important!! Help me with your ideas please. I live in Northern Ohio.

rossfingal 06-02-2011 04:03 PM

Slate roof and Asphalt shingles??
That's interesting!
Better post some pictures.


Grumpy 06-03-2011 08:55 AM

You can find a roof consultant. You can also find a slate roofing contractor to act as your consultant but would be a conflict of interest for this roofing contractor to also provide a bid on the job.

I do alot of "free" consulting for my clients where I will also provide a bid. What I mean is if I really want a job I will take pictures and put together an inspection report which will often be multiple pages with full color photography. The point? It's not a hard thing for someone with a brain to take photos of the roof and make a report of what is and isn't wrong and make recomendations. If you do hire a consultant be prepared to pay for their services. This won't cost hundreds, but will cost thousands, depending on the size of the roof and scope of what you need them to do for you. I know roof consultants who will hold your hand every step of the way or who will simply perform an inspection and write a spec then dissapear. It's up to you and what your budget can afford.

As an alternative, you may be able to hire a home inspector for hundreds to inspect your roof and make a report with photos. Then call a few local slate roofing contractors and this forum can help walk you through the options you are presented.

Here is an intereting read to help you not get ripped off: Hire the Right Contractor

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