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2bsure 12-14-2009 10:44 AM

To Tar or Not to Tar. *HELP!*
Bought a bank owned home in September. Just finished renovating it.

After recent heavy rains I found out that I have a roof leak in a old exterior wall, now interior wall after remodel. I ripped open the wall to look at what was happening inside and found termites as well. OH JOY!

So I call out 3 roofing companies to get quotes. They tell me conflicting info so I am here to hopefully find out who is right.

FYI, I have a mix of shingle and flat foam roofing.

1st Question: (Not related to current roof leak, but brought up during inspection of existing leak) About 2 months ago I had my contractor install speaker wires into the house. To get the speaker wires into the areas that had the flat foam roofing my contractor decided to drill holes roof to get the speaker wires through. To cover the holes he put this cone shaped flashing material and then sealed it all with roofing tar.

One of the roofing guys said that was a major mistake because roofing tar and foam roofs are not compatible. He says roofing tar eats foam roofs and it's only a matter of time before the tar starts to make leaks show up in those areas.

The other roofing guy said the tar does not eat the foam, but it still was not a good idea because the tar will not afix to the elastomertic paint well and I will get leaks for that reason.

Who is right?

2nd Question: We think we know where the leak is coming from and I have 2 quotes to get the leak fixed.

Quote 1: Foam over the area and cover with elastomertic coating. $1000.

Quote 2: This guy doesn't like foam and is moving away from it. (He says it is to troublesome and hard to get quality work done) He wants to use some polyester material that is like cloth that he will wrap the area in and then applies some kind of multi layer sealer that seals it all up. $250.

Which one is the best option?

Apparently I have other Massive roofing issues, but I am out of cash and only have money to take care of the immediate issues.

Thanks for all your help.

2bsure 12-15-2009 11:02 AM

I am scheduled to meet with one of these roofing guys this Thursday and was hoping to find out which one is the right one, so I know who to trust.

Can anyone please give me some advice?

Slyfox 12-16-2009 06:29 AM

I have -0- experience with foam roofs but from what I have read I would say they are both right, thus the work done to install the wires was not proper.

Which fix shown above is better, I have no idea,
have them both give you past jobs that you can look at and talk to the home owners and see what the results have been from them.

ttech 12-16-2009 06:58 AM

As Far ad the wire goes, If it is not Back UV rated cable rated for exterior use, the sunlight will destroy it within a year or 2.

2bsure 12-16-2009 09:29 PM

Thank you for the help. Is there anyone who is experienced with foam roofs who would know what tar can do to foam?

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