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pephil 05-02-2005 11:10 AM

Mounting to an outside wall
A friend of mine purchased a metal fountain (wall art) for outside. It's ment to be mounted on the outside wall of the house. The house has ceder shake over plywood. The item weighs about 60 lbs. what is the best way to fasten this to, and have it stay on, the wall ?

MgMopar 05-02-2005 12:27 PM


60 lbs should be hung on studs. If the unit has the mountings go for two. Most newer electronic stud finds if use carefully will be able to detect were your studs are in the wall even threw the cedar shake and outer sheathing. Then I would drill small pilot holes and then use steel screws or lag bolts. Applying some silicone or caulk to the shaft to help keep the rain out. If they supply a mounting plate for it and instructions, follow them to aid you for proper mounting.

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