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Termite 05-11-2008 10:40 PM

Moss on my shakes
I am having a heck of a time with green moss growing on the ends of my cedar shakes on my roof. I periodically go up there and take a putty knife and knock the moss off. The moss is problematic because the shakes are less able to expel moisture through the end grain. It is ruining shakes!

I'm thinking of spraying some vegetation killer on the moss to kill it.

I don't know much about what causes it to grow (other than moisture), so I'm not sure if trying to kill it will be a short term fix or a long term fix.

Handyman Jim Noonan 05-12-2008 07:25 AM

Is the area shaded most of the time or is there some sunlight exposure? Does this occur all througout the year or only in the spring rainy season?

When things dry out in a few months during the hot summer
weather,could you coat the cedar roof with some type of water repellant?

Termite 05-12-2008 08:22 AM

The mossy parts are pretty much full shade. I have a lot of big trees.

Handyman Jim Noonan 05-12-2008 10:30 AM

I posted the part about coating the roof with some type of water repellant as a question ,instead of a statement;because, in the back of my mind I wasn't sure if that was a viable option. Upon further checking,I have found that you should not coat a cedar roof.So that would be the wrong thing to do.

My initial thoughts were that any overhanging tree branches should be cut back high enough to allow air circulation and some sunlight through to help the roof to dry out after rain.This may also help to keep leaves from gathering on the roof which can retain moisture big time and can really be a problem.

Sorry that I cannot be more helpful.I am sure that you have done a search and have seen information about cleaning the roof with oxygen bleach (not chlorine).

Termite 05-12-2008 10:37 AM

Thanks Jim. No, don't want to apply any sort of sealer to shakes.

My house is surrounded by HUGE trees, so cutting the shade is really not an option. I maintain the trees to keep the limbs from overhanging my roof as much as possible, but I have shade pretty much all day.

roofboy 05-12-2008 10:58 PM


You could try the local hardware store/gardening store for an organic type of moss killer that shouldn't affect the shakes or the ground from the runoff. Just a thought.


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