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Halli 01-30-2009 07:34 AM

membrane lifting off side of roof
The waterproofing membrane on my roof has come off the side of the walls where it goes up about 4 inches. Any openings in the seams I have been able to see to myself, but need to know whether I absolutely have to get 'professionals' in to fix this vertical bit or if there is something i can do myself to repair it, even tempoprarily, such as silicone. I'm a single woman with no handy man to help :-) thanks.

Slyfox 01-30-2009 08:08 AM

If your talking about it coming loose from the wall in a small section,
inches, not feet, than you should be able to apply caulking 'heavily' and squeeze the material as close back to the wall as you can and have your temp- fix.
Need more info- and pics if possible before any further comments.

<> What type of membrane material are you talking about.
<> Are we talking about a brick wall, or other material.
<> How old is the roof.
<> Is it a flat, low sloped or steep roof.

Ed the Roofer 01-30-2009 10:59 AM

Also, please post some photos of the areas you are speaking about.


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