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fatbob79 11-02-2006 10:08 AM

Low Slope Roof ???
I have a piece of my roof that runs less steep than the rest, and i have had two of my friends tell met that it is low slope. Why is it special? Does it require some special roofing? can I ro this myself? I understand that a built up roof is supposed to be very good for this application, but What brands and types are reputable,and there is a valley where it meats the rest of the roof(steeper part) how do I take care of that properly? Thanks

fatbob79 11-02-2006 10:30 AM

i forgot to mention that i intend to rip off the old and start from scratch, i do have a little experiencewith repairing and building, but i am far from a pro. any advice?

Bonus 11-02-2006 12:14 PM

Low slopes, especially with a valley involved are not something you want to learn to roof on IMO. Even professional roofers will leave the low-slopes to the specialists.

Talos4 11-02-2006 04:02 PM


Even professional roofers will leave the low-slopes to the specialists.
I guess that makes me a specialist.:thumbup:

Seriously, Bonus is right, You REALLY don't want your first low slope experience to be this one.

The professional roofers refered to are usually Residential Shinglers. The company I work for does both. Our residential guy's call us when they have low slope/flat roofs to estimate and complete the work.

Find a commercial roofer that does both residential and commercial.

fatbob79 11-02-2006 09:58 PM

thanks for that.
What kind of materials should I get them to use? rubber or Built up?

Talos4 11-03-2006 09:45 AM

Contractors have their favorite membranes to install.

This is not based on pricing or "special" arrangements with suppliers. This is based on experience, efficiency, and a little pricing.

Our company prefers Built up roofs. However, we also do Modified Bitumen, EPDM (rubber) Metal and a little thermoplastic.

I would only recommend a membrane/system after looking at your job specifically.

Each system has it's own pro's/con's depending on the situation.

Let the roofing contractor's look at the job, provide you with a proposal and go from there.

In your situation get more than one proposal, I guarantee you will get several different idea's and approaches.

Once you get them, Let us know, We'll help you navigate them.

fatbob79 11-06-2006 10:44 PM

Thanks for the advice Talos4 i will start with the estimates and proposals and then check back for your advice again then.

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