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Repairing your own Roof

Roof repair isn't usually simple, there are a lot of things a pro roofer can tell about your roof on sight that may be hard for you to diagnose.

But if you want to give repairing your roof-leak a try, and are comfortable climbing up there, there are a variety of decent products available at your local Home Depo or Lowes in the roofing aisle that are proven solutions, and which pro roofers use every day. Usually under the names of "Plastic Cement", or "Wet Patch", these products are easy to use and are proven.
"Rubberized" Products are better than non Rubberized - they tend to last longer.

Most products are usually backed by a warranty of some sort, so you don't have to worry about the common "internet purchase" dilemma of whether you are buying a reputable product.

Again, there can be a lot of reasons for your roof leak, so roof cements aren't necessarily the answer here....


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there is a difference between a patch and a repair, just like there is a difference between a bandaid and stitches

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chiri enterprises

Originally Posted by alice265 View Post
anyone heard of the company chiri enterprises? has anyone tried the roof sealer?
I tried their product and it failed.After a season it cracked and spider webbed and the roof leaked again.I contacted them and they blamed me for not using it correctly.I applied it according to their directions and the gimmick didn't work.I lost a lot of my money and now have to spend more to have the roof fixed.I think it's a big CON.
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Originally Posted by Rich L View Post
I tried their product and it failed.After a season it cracked and spider webbed and the roof leaked again.I contacted them and they blamed me for not using it correctly.I applied it according to their directions and the gimmick didn't work.I lost a lot of my money and now have to spend more to have the roof fixed.I think it's a big CON.
I guess you didn't notice the original date of this thread? 3 years ago....

And....if you look at some of the posts....1st post....and they joined the same day....common spam technique....start a thread asking about a product and then someone else comes in and says how good it is....

When you dig find that those 1st posters have the same IP address....spammers.....and you have found out for yourself that the product sucks...
Even if you are on the right track, you will still get run over if you just sit there.

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Any liquid in a bucket is a coating, not a roof. While a coating can extend the life of a roof. it is not a substitute for one.

When a roof has reached the end of its useful life, a coating will not bring it back to life, but if a coating is applied prior to the end of its life, it can extend it.

Think of your roof as an open container full of liquid that evaporates. Every day a small amount evaporates, depleting its waterproofing ability.

A coating is like a semipermeable membrane that is placed over the container. It slows down the rate of evaporation. If you put the coating on when there is nothing left in the bucket, it serves no purpose.

If you really want a Spanish feel, Think Spanish tile if your home will take the weight, about 4 times that of an asphalt shingle.
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Testing Roof Repair - So far, so good.

I fell for a scam roofer who bailed on me and left me with hail damage on a 12 year old roof. Needless to say, I had to do something.

A friend of mine had a problem with an eaves trough the disconnected. So, I volunteered to fix it. The eaves trough was full of leaves and ROOFING GRANULES! (Took me a long time to figure out what they called these stones that are manufactured by 3M and others. Problem is, the roofing companies have them tied up so a DIY'er can't purchase them. Still searching, sells them, but the colors aren't what I want. (They have a color thing... black? Nope.)

Roofing granules can withstand freeze/thaws and high heat without degrading so they make the perfect coating for asphalt to keep the UV from the sun degrading the asphalt.

I washed my "found" granules to make sure there were no contaminants. (Garden hose/bucket, rinse/repeat)

I tried two different asphalt sealers, one water based, the other solvent based. (Don't use water based.)

The key to getting a good bond is to make sure there are no bubbles under the coating. I also figured that I couldn't totally seal all edges to assure evaporation of condensation from under the roofing.

I had an area that leaked regardless of how much "Black Jack" I used. So, I used a roller made with indoor/outdoor carpet to lay down a good coat and sprinkled the roofing granules onto the coating before it dried. I patted the granules to make sure they were embedded well.

The patch looked like a new roof! I could walk on it without slipping and it has survived a hot summer and cold winter very well. The leak is gone!

So, now, I'm looking for a supply of roofing granules to finish off my roof and haven't found any yet. (I'm even willing to scrape them off old roofing shingles to get them.) Need about three six gallon buckets to do my whole roof.

Then I plan to watch....


P.S. The only substitute for granules I found so far is swimming pool filtering sand. Seems to be the right particle size and doesn't fall apart in freeze/thaw cycles in my fridge. But, do I really want a sand colored roof?
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EJMiller, Colors are limited but a true roofing supplier will carry bags of granules for BUR systems. 3M mfrs them.
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Can you please provide more feedback. How long have you had it and how easy was the application?


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