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cbzdel 06-03-2010 03:14 PM

leaking skylight?
We just painted our kitchen ceiling from an off white to a bright white. About a month later I notice a small brown circle right where the ceiling meets the vertical wall for the skylight.

I climbed in the attic to view the sheet rock from the inside and it looks dry and shows so signs of moisture, which leads me to believe its leaking from the inside? maybe pooling and leaking?

Is there any tests I can do to figure out what area the water is coming from?

Maybe like a dye or something?


Ed the Roofer 06-03-2010 04:57 PM

Is it a vaulted/cathedral ceiling style or an open attic and a standard ceiling?

The reason I ask, is that the rafter bay(s) that terminate and originate from both the bottom and top of the skylight have effectively blocked a free flowage of air, which along with being super-heated also contains humidity, which cannot be exhausted and will collect and create condensation leak stains to the interior.

Also, since you did not name the type or age of the skylight, that can not be diagnosed, but some skylight kits, such as Velux, contain a superior flashing kit than other brands do.

Further, the seal between the 2-3 layers of either plexi-glass or tempered glass may be broken allowing condensation to collect.

A water test with a continuously running hose laying on the roof shingles several feet above the skylight for about an hour would probably determine if the base flashings are the cause of the leak and if so, then a proper repair and possible removal and resetting or full replacement may be called for.


cbzdel 06-03-2010 06:09 PM

its an open attic with a standard ceiling.

but it is so HOT and HUMID up in the skylight cavity, when we painted in there it took almost all day for the paint to dry, and everywhere else it took about an hour.. I never thought about the humidity in there staining the ceiling.

I just cleaned off the brown spot, when/if it shows up again I will really check it out. My wife just told me it could of been mustard from a bottle which exploded :censored:

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