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tomknox 10-08-2012 07:22 PM

Leaking attic vent...
Hello guys and gals, i have a leak that just started last week and i was looking for some direction. I searched here through 4 pages of vent talk which helped a ton, but also confused me some.

I have two metal "slanted box type vents" on the back side of my roof. I recently noticed my tile ceiling looked wet and sagging on a few tiles so i touched it and my finger almost went through. :whistling2:

I went in the attic and couldnt find any sign of water so i went outside and noticed the vent was about 3-4' above the leak so i knew where it was imediately. Back to the attic i went and sure enough found the leak at the vent... :censored:

1) I've read conflicting opinions on whether i should put sealant around the top and sides of the vent. Some say no, some say yes???

2) Here's a tricky question, should i replace the other one that isn't leaking, or should i stay by my old motto of "if it ain't broke dont fix it"?

They both look beaten and weatherd, so i can only imagine it will leak eventually(soon). The leaky vent is over the tile ceiling, the other one is over the kitchen area where we have popcorn ceiling that i really do not want to fix the popcorn. (Replacing a few ceiling tiles that i already have seems ok to me, popcorn fix sounds like no fun)

Thanks for reading this book, hope i didn't bore anyone but any help/advice/concerns would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks again,


joecaption 10-08-2012 10:02 PM

Without a picture of the vent and shingles in that area it's hard to say.
A properly installed vent does not need caulking.

If the vent it's self is rusted out and leaking then just replace the whole vent it's not worth the time to try and patch.

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