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apt94jesse 09-23-2007 02:23 PM

Leak inside a skylight
Hello all, and thanks in advance for any help you're able to give.

I have a skylight in my living room that is leaking. It leaks when it rains very heavily, but not when there is a light rain. I got in the attic and on the roof and couldn't distinguish any specific spots, but I re-caulked the seam between the roof and the dome just to be sure.

Sure enough, next time it stormed, same leak.

So I got up on the roof with the hose and started spraying to see if I could determine the cause. Sure enough, there is a small vent, maybe 2"x3" on the underside of the dome. I didn't take pictures, but I made quick diagram you can find here:

The water gets blown into this vent, leaks down the skylight tube, and sits until it either leaks out or evaporates during hot temps. I examined the bottom where the water sits and I can't see any tears or rips in the tube material, but its that foil-like slinky flexible material and its hard to tell if there are any holes or not. I assume that, over time, water sat there and caused some very small spots to leak.

I thought of two solutions, which is where I need the help.

1. I seal off that vent at the top. I 'm sure its there for a reason, but that would definitely stop the water from getting in.

2. I can run a bead of caulk to seal off the "pocket" where the water is sitting. This wouldn't stop the water coming in, but it would stop the water from getting to the drywall.

I'd much rather just close off the vent and be done with it, but will that cause problems? Its obviously there on purpose.

Again, thanks in advance for any direction anyone can give me.

Ron6519 09-23-2007 03:38 PM

Some details will help. Who made the skylight? Glass or plastic? Age of unit? Is it fixed or operating? Have you removed the top to check gaskets, channels, etc?
Have you contacted the maker and asked for solutions?
Caulking and skylights do not work, ever. The same can be said for tar.
Pictures would help. Interior and exterior.

apt94jesse 09-23-2007 06:00 PM

Thanks for the quick response.

I have no idea how old the skylight is or who the manufacturer is. We bought the house almost 2 years ago and it had been installed several years before that.

I have not taken the top off simply because I am confident I have found the source of my leak, which is the vent I mentioned. I have reproduced the conditions that cause the leak.

It is a fixed skylight, btw.

I'll take some pics tomorrow when the sun is out.


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