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bluemoon 08-16-2010 09:44 AM

Leaf guard systems
The gutters on my one-story ranch house used to get filled to the top at least three times a year with small leaves/pods/twigs from a huge Locust tree in front. It wasn't that difficult to clean it. However, I recently added a second story to the house with multiple roof levels. In about a month they will be putting on the siding and gutters.

The height of the roof and the proximity of the house to my neighbors' makes it difficult to access the gutters.

I was thinking about putting LeafGuard gutters on. However, I am just not convinced they work. In addition, regular gutters will cost me about $1500. The LeafGuard system is $4900.

Any thoughts on this system and investment?

eisert 08-16-2010 09:09 PM

There are about a billion diferent types of "gutter gaurd" systems out there, ranging from ultra cheap to really expensive. Most of the cheap ones are just that- cheap. But there are a few that actually work and won't break the bank. My suggestion is to call for a few bids on some different products, and do a little online research about each product. You might be surprised about some more cost freindly options that still work great.

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