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Vikeologist 08-01-2006 10:34 PM

Insulating Attic?
This might be off-topic, and if it is, I apologize.

I have a house that has zero insulation in the attic. I went up there and all there is up there is newspapers. Old newspapers spread around in the attic. there is paper between the joists that keep the papers above the joists, so if I blow in insulation it wont go between the joists.

My question is, can I just blow in the insulation right over the papers and the paper between the joists? Or do I have to remove all the paper so that the new insulation will go between the joists?

Another thing is if I do take it all out and put insulation between the joists and I want to remodel a room and want to take down the ceiling, then all of the insulation will fall down through the joists since there is no plastic holding it in.

I hope im making sense, but I dont know of another way to explain it. Look forward to hearing your replies.


AaronB 08-03-2006 11:16 AM

Remove the newspapers and go with a 1.75# spray foam.

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