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Barry J 01-28-2011 02:50 PM

ice on house
I recently had my bathroom window taken out, cause it was in the shower, and leaking. Now it's a tub surround and wall. I know I have to go up on my CFM rating on my exhaust fan. But, meanwhile, when we take hot baths or showers we get condensation on the ceiling above the tub. So, much that it drips down.
And just this week, we have been having alot of snow in Massachusetts and very cold (sub zero) temps. I've noticed that on the outside of my house, right where the bathroom is...there is ice frozen onto my outside it was running down from the sofits and froze. Also, i noticed it was about 20 degrees out and the icicles on my gutters in that area were still dripping (melting).
My take on this is that I need more insulation in the area on top of my bathroom and probably other places. I think the heat from the house is going into the attic and melting the ice and causing condensation in the bathroom.
Any suggestions or ideas

Tudy 01-29-2011 12:15 PM

I had something similar happen, when I shut off the heat register in the bathroom. It was located close to the furnace and the warm air forced it's way up the outside wall, somehow. We saw a similar effect on the outside, but just up between two studs. All icey and yellowish coating, on siding, top to bottom. After the register was opened, it went away. I've got ventilation problems in attic as well (my son's house). Never done with the projects.
Hope you get help, to figure out your problem. I just noticed the similarity.

Slyfox 01-30-2011 08:01 AM

Make sure anything penetrating the ceiling is properly sealed before adding insulation.

Make sure your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room exhaust vents are being exhausted out of the home, not into your attic/crawl space.

Make sure the window you eliminated was properly closed off, including insulation added there.

Make sure your roof/crawl space has a complete ventilation system,
intake, unobstructed flow and exhaust.

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