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Bob Deb 09-25-2013 01:14 PM

How to Meet Edge of Roof With Siding @ Gable End
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I finished putting a brand new asphalt shingle roof on my house last spring & now working on the siding. It's 1x8 rustic channel style, installed in various patterns depending on the wall. Some of it is vertical, some diagonal & some horizontal. There are several issues I am correcting while creating an air space with 1x3 furring strips behind it & doing the trim differently.

Instead of installing the trim over the siding, I am installing a thicker trim first, & butting the siding up to it so I have a surface to caulk. One improvement I am making is the installation of 3/4" thick, rigid foam for a better R value on the 2x4 walls. I am going to be able to reuse 90% of the siding but the trim will all need to be replaced.

The house is a contemporary, but it closely resembles a salt box regarding the roof & walls. The front & rear have an overhang with a soffit, but the gable ends don't. One of the gable ends has the plywood roof sheathing sticking out over the edge by about 1-1/2" or so, but the other side doesn't. The only reason I can think of for the extra 1-1/2" is because the builder didn't feel like cutting it off & used the full sheet.

This works to my advantage because I am adding 1-1/2" to the wall thickness with the rigid foam & the furring strips. However, the other side will force me to do something different. By installing the trim first & not on top of the siding I gain 3/4" but still need another 3/4" for the 1-1/2" increase.

I'd like to avoid touching the new shingles & didn't want to recess the trim on the gable so the siding sticks out past it. What I have to ask is, are there any installation methods or products available that will allow me to meet the edge of the roof with the siding & not have the siding stick out past the edge of the shingles?

I added a photo of the one wall that I am having this problem with.

Thanks for reading. :thumbsup:

rossfingal 09-25-2013 02:26 PM

A clearer picture with better lighting would help! :)

Bob Deb 09-25-2013 02:40 PM

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Sorry, I don't have that many photos saved on my computer & won't be able to take new ones for a while. :(

The wall area above the window is an uninsulated attic. I don't need the rigid foam for any other reason than keeping the surface of the siding at the same level over the entire wall.

This is the only other pic I have handy.....

Bob Deb 09-27-2013 03:51 PM

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I think I found an idea that I like after looking at siding photos. Instead of putting the diagonal siding back up in that area I am going to use vinyl. The style I am 99% sure I will use is "hand split cedar shakes" forming a triangle. I won't insulate that triangle since it's uninsulated attic & by changing the siding & pattern the small recess won't be too noticeable......I hope.

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