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Timster 10-21-2010 04:04 PM

How to install hood vent cover on flat roof?
Hi there,

I am cutting an 8 inch hole in a flat tar and gravel roof for a new hood.

How do I install the vent cover? I have the mastic, aluminum tape, and screws, and the rest of the ductwork.

Do I have to take off the old tar where this cover goes, or just wipe off the gravel?

Do I install mastic underneath the cover or just around edges? Do I need roofing nails; I think so right? It has to be nailed down?

I just want the cover installed on the roof safe, so there will be no leaks. Is this something I can do, or do I need a roofer?

Thanks a bunch in advance. Tim

Oh, it is circular with a protective cap on top, but it is similar to the photo below, as far as the part that attaches to the roof.

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