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Red Squirrel 05-17-2010 07:47 PM

How hard is it to add a roof vent with no experience?
I have no experience in roofing, I've only read a bit on it, and do understand the basic common sense concepts like how the flashing, shingles are set to let gravity do the work of not allowing water inside.

I want to vent my bathroom fan through the roof, instead of where the overhang is, as it causes lot of ice build up, is this a job that would be hard to do if I never did it before? Any tips I could use before I tackle this, or am I better just getting a pro? Also any specific type of vent I should use for a bathroom fan, or just go with anything high so it's above the snow level?

Also how do most vents work to compensate for roof pitch? Are they adjustable? I've seen people put a straight vent on a pitched roof and it comes out sideways, perpendicular with the roof itself. Looks very silly!

chrisn 05-18-2010 04:19 AM

We are not roofers. You are going to cut a hole in your roof.:eek: If you have a wife or "significant other" then I am sure you have already been told this is not a good idea:laughing: In this instance,I would agree. I am a paper hanger, painter by trade but I will tackle most any job in the yard or around the house but my wife would draw the line at cutting a hole in the roof and I don't believe I would argue with her( much), call the roofer:yes:

Slyfox 05-18-2010 06:54 AM

When you purchase the vent cover it will have installation instructions on the box.
One vent, one tube of roof cement, four roofing nails 'minimum of 1 1/4 inch',
a hammer, flat bar 'pry bar', utility knife 'hook blade is better - straight blade will work'.

Look over the roof from outside to get your bearings on where valley's, roof ridges & hips, walls, plumbing stacks, etc., are located, you do not want to come through the roof near 'to close to' anything like that.

Once your sure where you want to go through the roof mark that spot in the attic with a pencil than run a spike through the roof from the inside, long enough spike to penetrate both roof sheathing and shingles.
Go up on the roof and find the spike and follow the instructions on the box from there.

Take note, working on an angled surface is different from than on flat ground, everything you set down 'even for a second' wants to slide, a saw blade grabbing and kicking back could very well send you sliding.

Gary in WA 05-18-2010 09:35 PM

Ber safe, Gary

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