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4just1don 11-10-2008 10:10 PM

how do you complete a roof rebuild(all by yourself) without it raining in??including
Trying to ge my ducks in a row so if I get a weather break I can bang this job out YET,,,or WAIT till spring.

Have 2 LITTLE houses,,,side by side,,that need new roofs. BUT I need to build rakes on both houses as well as add soffit overhang to one. Even with 20 bye 30 straight gable roofs on each,,,by the time I cut back the edges 2-3 foot to add a foot of rake,,,get this all framed,,,run up and down the ladder getting stuff all day,,,its gonna take me a few days on each house.

It seems it rains about every other day,and ALWAYS when a roof is exposed.. Was gonna buy a few sheets of 1/2 plywood (for exterior protection)and cover the cut back areas as I go. I need sheets of 3/4 plywood for the extended decking since I am matching up to OLD style tongue and groove shiplap.

I have alot of spare short 2X4's from a tear down job last summer. was going to cut sheeting off two or three roof rafters(NO joists here) back flush with outside of rafter to avoid nails etc. As far back as a 4' sheet will allow. Sister a couple of shorter 2X4's to that one and start building outwards. Then block inside with more short ones(up and down the roof) between the out ones(I am sure there are names for them,,,but I dunt know them) Does this all sound correct?? Then it is getting alluminum soffit material applied underneath with plastic lumber facsia.

Total tear off of existing shingles 1/2 roof at a time. continous soffit vent,ridge vent. existing gable end vents closed off. BUT meanwhile I am doing this,,,I am OLD and decrepit(and SLOW),,,how do I keep the rain out of the house?? Worse will be building /extending rafters to put soffits on ONE of these houses. When she rains she pours here (like bucket dumping),,,,40-80 mph winds common,driving rain and too windy to rely on tarps so much,,,how to keepem dry??? Plastic OVER plywood yet???,,lathed up and down the roof???(about 4/12 pitch)(like a 50's to 70's rancher)

have reshingled before but NEVER built soffit and rakes so ANY assistance appreciated. Like today ,,,was supposed to be 60's and NICE,,,ended up mid 30's and ice and sleet

the roofing god 11-11-2008 03:56 AM

check eternabond,they make tarps that will withstand the wind/rain--with interlocking options also

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